Boudoir Photography Training

Learn posing and lighting techniques that will bring out the sensuality and inner beauty of any subject.

We are very proud of what we do for women of all shapes and sizes, because we make them look, and most importantly FEEL, sexy and beautiful.

Boudoir is back baby!!!! Don't hide it, don't act surprised - cuz its here.

Our Posing & Lighting book is the most comprehensive training guide in the industry.

While I have purchased books on the topic of boudoir, none of them fit every need I had. I could see a great pose, but no lighting tips... good lighting instructions, but no pose... you get it, right?

This book will cover EVERYTHING you need to shoot a successful boudoir session. OK, that is not true... you'll need a good camera, some lights, and be able to talk comfortably and directly to your client.

Sit back, relax, and learn.

Boudoir Posing & Lighting Guide - Book 2 - Get your downloadable copy NOW!!! only $79.00

Boudoir Training Posing Cards

After numerous requests we are now offer the Posing Cards. Each set has numerous posing cards and a lighting diagram card for most sets. Cards are JPG's for easy printing and will print as 4" x 6" cards for showing to customers. They can also be loaded on to your IPad, computer or phone...

We use these cards on a daily basis when boudoir clients come in and are not sure what they want... They will give you inspiration and help you create photos clients will LOVE!

You can buy them as individual sets for inspiration on the things you like, or you can save over $30.00 and buy the complete set of over 500 posing cards for only $179.99 - All 500+ Cards! (Download to electronic device or printable as a 4" x 6")